Top 5 different ways to use Preserved Lemon's

A couple of weeks ago when I published my recipe for Preserved Lemon, chilli and pomegranate salsa I promised you I'd select a run down of the "best of the rest" recipes to use your preserved lemons, and I don't want to let you guys down when I've promised something do I!

I have to say that there are surprisingly few creative ways to use these lemons, so this quest is by far, not over yet. I can find oodles of recipes telling you how to actually make preserve the lemons, and of course plenty of Moroccan tagines etc. but I'm looking for things that are a little bit different - like this recipe for preserved lemon ailoli - I mean as if ailoli wasn't good enough already? Preserved lemon, and roasted garlic pasta - yes please! Read on for my top 5 recipe ideas, and be sure to let me know how you get on in the comments below.


My top 5 different ways to use Preserved Lemon's...

1. On a pizza

Alexandra over at Alexandra's Kitchen mixes her preserved lemons up with some really delicious pizza recipes - smoked mozzarella, preserved lemon and basil anyone, or throw them on-top of home made pizza dough with za'atar and ricotta? Dreamy! I'm reckon mixing the two up would be pretty spectacular too - preserved lemons, ricotta, basil with some kale pesto thrown in for good measure too.

Preserved lemon pizza - top 5 ways to use preserved lemons
Pizza with Za'atar, Preserved Lemon's and Ricotta - Alexandra's Kitchen

2. With pasta

Now this is one pasta dish I will always be happy to eat. I mean, anything with roasted garlic, butter and parmesan is good in my book, in fact to be perfectly honest, anything with pasta is good in my book, but here the preserved lemons make the most simple ingredients taste phenomenal. Its not hard to see that this is a popular option, there are millions of blog posts about it, but the original recipe comes from The New York Times. I'm going to make mine extra creamy, and naughty with a splash of cream and plenty of butter, parmesan and pasta water to make that sauce super glossy and unctuous.

Preserved lemon pasta - top 5 ways to use preserved lemons
Fettucine with Preserved Lemons and Roasted Garlic - Cocktails for Breakfast

3. In a sauce or dressing

You can probably already tell I'm already pretty excited by this aioli recipe from Food 52. This is most definitely an aioli loving household, and it really is one of those things worth making from scratch - amazing with home made fries, roast chicken, on any grilled meats from the BBQ, with veggie burgers, there aren't many things that wouldn't taste better with some aioli. Now add some preserved lemon's and you're taking it to a whole other level! Whilst we are on the subject of sauces and dressings, this Preserved Lemon Caesar dressing sounds pretty fabulous too.

Preserved Lemon Aioli - Food 52

4. Pop them in a kale salad

Lemon and kale is the perfect match any-ways - mix it up with preserved lemon and you've made it even better. This recipe from A House in the Hills uses them as a garnish to up the lemony tang. Or chop them finely and add them to a lemon vinaigrette, with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and dijon mustard and massage into your kale salad.

Toasted kale and pan-fried chickpea salad - A House in the Hills

5. Add them to bruschetta

Ok so maybe this really should be under point 3. And points 3 and 4 could probably be combined. But do you know what, I think they deserve special mention - not least because I love toasts. I love anything on top of bread, for any occasion, but particularly to keep hungry guests at bay whilst I finish dinner, and I will most definitely be rolling these out soon. I'm not a massive fan of the thyme in the pesto, I think I might switch it up and use some of my home made kale pesto instead, but either ways, these look pretty darn delicious.

Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream - Food 52


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