Mothers Day Lunch for 10 - Eeek!

So we are having 10 people over for lunch on Sunday - now I am of course very happy to host all these lovely family members, and the dog, especially as we don't all have the opportunity to get together very often, but oh my goodness this a bit of an eek moment! I don't think I've ever cooked for 10 people, 6 to 8 yes, multiple courses, tapas style, big Christmas/holiday parties, tick, tick, tick, but 10 people for a sit down lunch - that makes my heart race a little bit! Thank goodness we have a dishwasher now!

The dining area in our new flat is quite a lot smaller than in our old place (something had to give in order to get a slightly bigger kitchen!) so I'm planning on serving everything as a buffet, with lots of easy, light and delicious things to keep everyone happy. A couple of things at room temperature (a la Barefoot Contessa) will keep the pressure off.  I'm going to keep the menu pretty simple, but just throwing another little challenge - I've only made one of these recipes before! Ha!

I thought you guys might be interested to see the menu I'm planning, in case you need any inspo for your own mega gathering....

Crudites with red pepper dip
Picture credit - Add a Pinch


I'm in two mind's whether or not to even do a starter... I'll have to see how the morning goes (fingers crossed no guests read this in case they are disappointed!) If I do get round to it, I've been wanting to experiment with some beautiful crudite and dips for a while now, and I think Add a Pinch's recipe looks delicious.

Main Course

Another perfect opportunity to try out a recipe I've had my eye on for a while - roast chicken on bread. I'm turning to Martha for guidance, with a few tweaks - double the recipe and getting the butcher to joint the chicken so everything cooks a bit quicker. I can't wait to try those super tasty mega chicken "croutons".

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For sides I'm gonna stick to a perennial favourite - rosemary and garlic roast potatoes. Jamie Oliver always comes up trumps with his recipe. Added bonus - I can make these the day before, chef's style, and then reheat them on the day.

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A simple, spring salad is where I'm hoping to get inventive... I'm thinking along the lines of white cabbage, basil and lime, possibly with a creamy dressing, I'm not sure. Inspo from The Rochelle Canteen via Clerkenwell Boy today got me thinking.... Will share the final recipe with you guys next week!

Photo Credit - Clerkenwell Boy

So there you have it, hopefully my simple menu to deliver the goods for 10 people... no pressure at all! I'll be sure to follow up next week to let you know how I got on, some photo's and that salad recipe! Have a great weekend everyone and happy mother's day!

ps. Dessert is being delivered by a wonderful mother in law - but don't tell anyone!


  1. I had to cool for a large group of people a few times; and my only tip is do not make too many courses that have to be hot at the same time... because if you have a small oven, this could be tricky. Good luck

    1. Thanks Martha - I'll definitely make sure I don't put too much in the oven as ours is tiny!