This is Your Kingdom and Biscuiteers

Last week the lovely girls, Hannah and Rebecca, from This is Your Kingdom threw a little soiree at Biscuiteers in Notting Hill to say thank you to all their London writers. I only started writing posts for them recently so was really happy to meet Hannah and Rebecca in person and some of the other lovely bloggers who contribute to the website.

We also had the pleasure of trying  out Biscuiteers afternoon tea, some delicious gin cocktails and have a go at icing biscuits ourselves. I can see why their biscuits aren't cheap - you've gotta be an master with a piping bag to get them to look that good, and each of them are hand iced! The mind boggles..

Anyway, I thought you might like to see a few snaps from the evening taken by the lovely Michelle Young from My Creative - in place of the woeful lack of recipes on the blog these last few weeks. Does it help if I tell you I have two massive deadlines at work at the moment? But, we are going away to Italy soon, so I will have loads of delicious snaps for you after that and hopefully some even more delicious Italian inspired recipes coming very soon...

READER OFFER: Enter ‘TiYK’ at the checkout and enjoy free UK royal mail delivery on all Biscuiteers goodies (except cupcakes and Great Ormond Street products) until 31 October 2013.


  1. They look amazing! & I can testify that they tasted delicious!