Pesto, Whipped Cheese, Avocado and Wild Mushroom Tartine's

This was one of those wonderful (but rare?!) impromptu lunches that I threw together from the random contents of my fridge but was so delicious I felt I had to share my discovery with you. I can't say I've paired all of these ingredients together before but they work surprisingly well! Toasted sourdough bread provided a crunchy base for lots of yummy toppings; pesto on the bottom, whipped cream cheese, chopped avocado, and grilled wild mushrooms. A squeeze of lemon juice topped it off along with lots of black pepper and some garlic salt. So easy I don't think I need to bother you with a recipe!

These open sandwiches or "tartine's" (a fancyFfrench word for an open faced sandwich) could get quite addictive! They are ridiculously simple to make and lend them selves to all sorts of toppings. Something rich and creamy on the base tends to work well, that could be any kind of pesto, cheese, even labneh or greek yoghurt, perhaps with some harissa stirred in? Then maybe some grilled veggies, some left over wilted greens, chorizo sausage or grilled chicken. Smoked salmon would be really lovely too, with some Crème fraîche underneath and perhaps a chive pesto? See - I'm addicted already!


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